Harnessing the Power of iPaaS: Five Reasons Every (SaaS) Company Should Embrace This Acronym

Integration has always been the backbone for the seamless functioning of various smart solutions from SaaS firms. It is essential for these solutions to interact smoothly with different systems in a client's portfolio. However, the constant evolution of these integrations and the need for new ones in response to market changes is a complex process. The breakthrough solution? iPaaS or Integration Platform as a Service. Simply put, iPaaS enables clients of a SaaS company to subscribe to integrations.

"In business ecosystems, from CRM to payroll systems, the ability of various programs and applications to exchange data with each other is paramount. The interoperability these integrations enable, form the foundation for automation, facilitating a smarter and secure business environment," says Jonas Wärngård, CEO at Junipeer

For developers who design integrations, this is not news. A significant amount of resources are allocated to ensure disparate systems can interchange data. When a system update occurs, or businesses contemplate changing their system providers, the primary concern is often about handling the integration.

"The capability to integrate is crucial for every business operation, which subsequently makes it vital for companies creating these various solutions. An innovative SaaS company with an exceptionally clever solution won't be able to market it unless the solution can be embedded into the client's ecosystem of associated systems," says Jonas Wärngård.

Here is where Junipeer's iPaaS comes into the picture. Junipeer's integration and automation platform has made it feasible for clients across the globe - spanning from small SaaS firms to large software corporations - to subscribe to integrations and updates thereof.

"Numerous larger system providers have invested substantial resources over time to construct their own integrations, which require manual development and maintenance. They too are now recognizing the benefit of partnering with Junipeer, for instance, ERP, eCom, POS and PIM systems. Smaller innovative SaaS firms lack both the time and capital needed to build their own platform. But with Junipeer, there's no need to," Mikael Olsson, Head of Marketing points out

Five Key Advantages of iPaaS

  1. Accelerated time-to-market: Leverage swift and uncomplicated integrations using pre-built connectors and APIs, including automated monitoring and documentation, thereby improving your customer processes. The saved time can be redirected towards your core business and product enhancement.

  2. Expanded business opportunities: By having an iPaaS provider, your system becomes accessible to a larger customer base, and less time and resources are spent on manual construction of integrations with a multitude of different systems.

  3. Elevated customer satisfaction: Customers expect integrations to work seamlessly. However, an update in one system might necessitate adjustments to the integration with that system. With an iPaaS provider, you can circumvent manual development and anticipate sustained seamless integration.

  4. Reduced costs for development and maintenance: It is often more efficient to contract out certain services rather than maintaining them in-house. Much like you use an accounting solution or a cloud service rather than a proprietary server room, iPaaS lets you simplify your integration management.

  5. Stay ahead of competitors: If the choice comes down to your system or another, the implementation timeline and ease of use are often decisive. When integration is no longer an issue, it increases the likelihood of the client choosing your solution.

"In the past, companies used to select partners and solutions based on IT prerequisites. Is it feasible to use this ingenious solution? With Junipeer, the answer will always be YES. Embrace the business systems and tech-services ecosystem as an opportunity - the ability to effortlessly offer integration with other systems unravels numerous new business prospects for your SaaS firm," Jonas Wärngård concludes.

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