Junipeer x KRENG

Pressrelease: Junipeer, the Swedish iPaaS startup based in Stockholm, Sweden has signed a partnership with digital agency KRENG.

Junipeer and KRENG joined forces to get to cooperate and be able to offer e-commerce companies the very best solutions when it comes to integrations.

Mikael Olsson, Head of marketing and partnerships Junipeer:

"We are very excited for this new partnership and addition to Junipeer's stack of agency partners. KRENG has a very forward thinking and has already started a couple of projects with our integrations."

KRENG x Junipeer

KRENG now being a Junipeer certified partner offer the Junipeer iPaaS solution to existing and new customers.

Robin Helt, CEO KRENG:

"Choosing Junipeer as a partner was an obvious choice for us. Their platform is based on modern technologies that actually work, and the support is great. Sure, we can build integrations ourselves, but having a dedicated partner that specializes in just that particular subject , allows us to focus more on our customers' core business and what we do best, i.e. building great e-commerce"


Kreng is part of the agency group People People People and has heavy strategic and technical expertise in e-commerce. Kreng has senior expertise with an industry average of 8 years, and won the award in the best e-commerce category in the Swedish Design Award 2023 together with the Stockholm Film Festival. Among the customers are also Vargen & Thor, Synsam, SOS Alarm and Stjärnumarkarna Burmans Ur & Guld.

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Mikael Olsson
Head of Marketing & Partnerships

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