Junipeer x Qliro - New Integration & Partnership

Pressrelease: Junipeer, the Swedish iPaaS startup based in Stockholm, Sweden ads an integration with payment provider Qliro to it's market leading integrations platform.

Now Junipeer also offer an integration between Swedish payment provider Qliro and the ever growing stack of e-commerce platforms and ERP's.

Jonas Wärngård:

"We are very excited for this new partnersip and addition to the Junipeer platform since it enhances our iPaaS solution for more e-commerce customers in our core markets in the Nordics. Qliro also has a very forward thinking and entrepreneurial culture which matches well with ours at Junipeer."

Qliro integrated with eCommerce platforms

Qliro is now fully integrated with e-commerce platforms on the Junipeer platform including Centra, WooCommerce, Brink Commerce and Adobe Commerce/Magento.

This new addition on the Junipeer platform means that all Junipeer customers can get the plug-and-play payment reconciliation integrations between their e-commerce platform and ERP's including Qliro with no startup cost. Initially available on Fortnox & Specter, but will be rolled out to all compatible ERPs in the Junipeer portfolio.

Jesper Mellberg:

"Junipeer solves an actual problem for our merchants which is a prerequisite for a successful business, and it does it in a very good way. Merchants’ system flora is becoming increasingly complex with many different services and suppliers that need to work together to get the maximum effect. Qliro, which handles a crucial part of the buying journey, thus needs to be able to stitch together the whole and ensure that our services seamlessly integrate well with our merchants' other systems. I am optimistic and confident that Junipeer will play a pivotal role in fulfilling this crucial function moving forward."

How The Qliro Integration Works

If you run a e-commerce business and wants to get Qliro integrated with your e-commerce platform you just sign up for a Free Trial with Junipeer and are up and running within 15 minutes.

You can also Book a Demo and get in touch with our integrations specialists to get a demo and help with the setup.

Our Technology are cutting edge and that's why we can say we offer the best integrations in the market.

Do you want to know more? Just book a demo and have a call with us or sign up for a free trial no strings attached to try thee Junipeer integrations.

About Qliro

Qliro is a fast-growing tech company offering safe and simple payment solutions to large and small e-merchants that simplifies the buying process and drives sales. Qliros’ focus is on customer experience and growth. With Qliro, merchants get a complete payment solution with high conversion, upsell optimization and that enables customer loyalty. And merchants’ customers get a first-class shopping experience. Qliro is under the under supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and listed on Nasdaq Stockholm with the ticker “QLIRO”.

For more info:

Jonas Wärngård

Jesper Mellberg
Head of Enterprise & Partner Sales

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