A Lot of New Customers to the Junipeer Integrations Platform

During the fall of 2023 we experienced a steady stream of new customers to the Junipeer platform for integrating e-commerce with ERP's.

Starting at the end of august we got new hot leads every single day. It was a broad variety of companies primarily from Sweden but also from Norway, Denmark, UK and the USA that showed interest for the Junipeer iPaaS solution.

A Lot of New Swedish Fashion Brands

Amongst dozens of new customers from Sweden during the fall we saw the fast growing startup A Retro Tale, eyewear manufacturer Glas and the underwear brand Bread & Boxers signing on as Junipeer customers. All of them e-commerce companies with strong growth needing automation to save time & money and to increase efficiency when moving forward into new markets.

The First Norwegian Customers At Junipeer

Fast moving fashion brand Varsity headwear became our first Norwegian customer in October 2023. This startup company creates exclusive caps and already has offline concept stores in such exotic places as Kuwait and Saint Tropez.

Shortly after Varsity came onboard we signed with Rauma Garn. Rauma Garn is a 97 year old company and in many ways the opposite to Varsity. Nevertheless Rauma also needed automation of their business and book keeping.

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