New Exciting Partners Signed With Junipeer

During our extremely busy fall of 2023 we signed a lot of exciting partnerships with agencies.

Since the launch of our partner program in the beginning of the fall we have signed exciting agency partners such as established players like Grebban, Omniarch and Kreng based in Stockholm, Sweden, and up and coming Swedish companies Ventanas95 and Ghostar.

Ventanas95 is a new front end solution founded 2022, and Ghostar is a brand new agency with a strong focus on AI founded 2023 by Bengt Wessborg.

We also got in touch with the Oslo based agency Frend during the early fall and signed a partnership (resulting in exciting first customers such as Varsity Headwear and Rauma Garn) with this great Norwegian agency.

Last but definitely not least we also signed a partnership with the accounting firm Clerk based in Västerås, Sweden. This agency has a strong focus on helping their customers by using the latest technology, and we felt we where a perfect match since Clerk has a lot of e-commerce customers.

One thing all our new partners have in common is there strong will to deliver the very best solution for their customers. Another thing is they are all very ambitious and likeable people. For Junipeer as for our partners it's all about hard work and delivering the very best result to the customer.

Wanna become a partner? Book a video call and lets have a talk!

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