Our Integration Platform / IPaaS

The platform is built in the most efficient and flexible way. Built in the most efficient way, based on Golang. Hosted on Kubernetes and Google Cloud.

Our Integration Platform / IPaaS

Why our platform

We are constantly building new features to in platform. Our drive is to build the best IPaaS platform for your business needs. We strive every day to make it faster, flexible and focused.

Blazing fast

Our platform is at rocket speed since its built from the ground up with a efficient technology.


Our platform is scalable in the cloud and hosted on cutting edge technology like Kubernetes.

Cloud Native

Our platform is built and running in the cloud.

Admin panel

Our intuitive admin panel allows our users or admins to manage their active integrations & see logs.


We want total flexibility to manage the most complex integrations.


We are managing everything. So you can keep focused on your business.


Our networks are secured and set for security.


The platform is built to solve specific business problem and not everything.

Our Tech Stack

We have cutting edge technologies built for efficiency, flexibility and speed. We will continue to improove our solution every day.