Product types

Product types

There is many different product types we can integrate with. Here is some examples.


The most common product type is simple products. These products have no options, we include also virtual products in the category (although they cant be shipped).

Configurable / variant

Products with different options such as size or color. Then a configurable product might be the right option.


Bundles are usually a build it yourself type of product, and it is built by multiple simple products. For example a computer or something like this.


A grouped product is a list of similar products that goes well together. You are usually able to select these in multiple quantities together.

Examples of PIM systems we can integrate

We have experience integrating into many different systems. These are some examples of PIM systems we have previously considered and can integrate with. Often custom integrations are needed and then we are experts in solving this.





We usually integrate these systems to PIM

Ecommerce platforms

The ecommerce platform is the most common integration. It is crucial the the site gets the best possible content.

ERP Systems

The products are usually initially added here. Then it's sent to the PIM system to be distributed.


The retailers need to have accurate product information in their POS.


The manufacturers has different types of formats, we can transform then to the right one.

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