Junipeer Integrates SAP Business One

Pressrelease: Junipeer, the Swedish iPaaS startup based in Stockholm, Sweden ads an integration of SAP Business One to it's market leading integrations platform.

Now Junipeer also offer the best integration between SAP Business One and the ever growing stack of e-commerce platforms.

Founder Jonas Wärngård:

"We are very excited for this new addition to the Junipeer platform since it opens up our iPaaS solution for a new segment of customers both in our core market Sweden and abroad. We aim to launch this new ERP on our platform during Q4".

SAP Business One integrated with eCommerce platforms

SAP Business One will be fully integrated with all the e-commerce platforms on the Junipeer platform including Shopify, Centra, WooCommerce, Geins, Brink Commerce, Shopware and Adobe Commerce/Magento.

This new addition on the Junipeer platform means that every company in Sweden and Worldwide can get the plug-and-play integrations between their e-commerce platform and SAP Business One with no startup cost, no long and costly integration project and get all bookkeeping fully automated.

How The SAP Business One Integration Works

If you own a ecommerce business and wants to get SAP Business One fully integrated you just sign up for a Free Trial with Junipeer and are up and running within 10-15 minutes. You can also Book a Demo and get in touch with our integrations specialists to get help in the setup.

As soon as your e-commerce platform is fully integrated with your eCommerce platform you save a lot of time and money from time consuming manual work with book keeping.

Our Technology are cutting edge and that's why we can say we offer the best integrations in the market.

Do you want to know more? Just book a demo and have a call with us or sign up for a free trial no strings attached to try thee Junipeer integrations.

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SAP Business One History

In March 2002, SAP purchased "TopManage" financial systems and branded their system as SAP Business One. TopManage founders Reuven Agassi and Gadi Shamia were given executive positions at SAP following the acquisition. A year earlier, TopManage's sister company "TopTier" had also been acquired by SAP. TopTier was founded by Reuven Agassi's son Shai Agassi.

The acquisition allowed SAP to reach out to the small market through its partners and also to gain additional business from the smaller subsidiaries of its enterprise customers.

SAP is available in 27 languages all over the world.

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