Junipeer Integrates Specter and Keeps on Growing

Pressrelease: Junipeer, the Swedish iPaaS startup based in Stockholm, Sweden ads an integration of Specter to it's market leading integrations platform.

Now Junipeer also offer the best integration between Swedish ERP Specter and the ever growing stack of e-commerce platforms.

Founder Jonas Wärngård:

"We are very excited for this new addition to the Junipeer platform since it opens up our iPaaS solution for more e-commerce customers in our core market Sweden - and not least Junipeer now is the first platform offering reconciliation of payments with Specter."

Specter ERP & POS integrated with eCommerce platforms

Specter will be fully integrated with all the e-commerce platforms on the Junipeer platform including Shopify, Centra, WooCommerce, Geins, Brink Commerce, Shopware and Adobe Commerce/Magento.

This new addition on the Junipeer platform means that every company in Sweden can get the plug-and-play integrations between their e-commerce platform and Specter with no startup cost, no long and costly integration project and once up and running get more streamlined and automated business work flows in sales, inventory, purchasing, logistics and finance.

Specter CEO Mattias Bratt:

"We are very excited for this new partnership with Junipeer since both the Junipeer technology, onboarding and customer support is very impressive. At Specter we are very keen on offering the best technology solutions and I feel that Junipeer may be best in class when it comes to integrations for the e-commerce business ".

How The Specter Integration Works

If you own a e-commerce business and wants to get Specter ERP and POS fully integrated with your e-commerce platform you just sign up for a Free Trial with Junipeer and are up and running within 15 minutes.

You can also Book a Demo and get in touch with our integrations specialists to get a demo and help with the setup.

As soon as your e-commerce platform is fully integrated with Specter you save a lot of time and money from time consuming manual work.

Our Technology are cutting edge and that's why we can say we offer the best integrations in the market.

Do you want to know more? Just book a demo and have a call with us or sign up for a free trial no strings attached to try thee Junipeer integrations.

About Specter

Specter ERP and POS software helps over 800 e-commerce businesses, brands and retailers streamline and automate their business workflows in sales, purchasing, inventory, logistics and finance. Specter is a Swedish company based in Gothenburg. In 2020 the company was acquired by Visma but operates as Specter.

For more info:

Jonas Wärngård
CEO Junipeer

Mattias Bratt
CEO Specter

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