The Story Behind The Junipeer Integrations Platform

Today I got to sit down with the founders of Junipeer to ask them about why they created the iPaaS platform targeted the ecommerce industry. Jonas Wärngård and Fouäd Yahyaoui tells their story.

"So, what is the reason you guys got this idea, why and when did you start building the Junipeer integrations platform?"

Fouäd answers first:

"Me and Jonas was working at Jonas agency called Nordic Web Team with enterprise projects for e-commerce clients. We were building integrations, B2C and B2B for a lot of clients. In almost all cases we had to build custom integrations for clients from scratch and one to one, between their ERPs and their e-commerce platforms. Always very time consuming it took months and months and created a lot of headache and got to be expensive."

Jonas: "Yeah, and the integration platforms we reviewed just didn't cut it."

Fouäd: "So one day I started to build the ideal platform the way it should have been built. A platform for customers to just plug-and-play and get lots of integrations within minutes instead of months"

Jonas: "And soon the first client was up and running faster, with higher quality and well within budget!"

ERP + E-commerce

The guys started to build with Fouäd as the CTO and now 3 years later the Junipeer platform is the best iPaaS platform. It has evolved like crazy and integrated ERPs like Microsoft Business Central, Fortnox, and Visma eAcounting fully integrated with e-commerce platforms such as the world leading WooCommerce, Shopify, Shopware and Adobe/Magento.

Another unique feature with Junipeer solution is the fact that e-commerce platforms like Brink Commerce, Centra and Geins are fully integrated with the above mentioned ERPs.

Another question: "In a sentence or two: what's the unique features and benefits with Junipeer?"

Jonas: "Good question! And the answer is first of all our state of the art technology with a MACH architecture, which means the customers gets the very best and latest functionality. It makes the e-commerce platforms fully integrated with the accounting software which saves a lot of time and money."

"A mid size e-commerce company can save hundreds of hours a month from manual work with accounting when they automize the process with us."

So that's the problem the Junipeer founders identified and solved. From being a part of the old school problem the guys created the solution.

Last question: "How about the future? What's the plan?"

Jonas: "Right now we are adding new customers every day. We are also in the process of onboarding more ERPs and e-commerce platforms to Junipeer - to give more customers the possibility to save time and we are targeting a lot of new markets in Europe, with Norway and Germany as our first steps, followed by a lot more. Check out our website and you get to see the languages we already have added..."

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